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NDIS Screening Update

From 1 February 2021, the NDIS Worker Screening Check (Worker Screening Check) replaces the different arrangements operating in each state or territory, setting a minimum national standard that all workers engaged in risk assessed roles must meet. Some states and territories may still have additional requirements

in some circumstances, e.g. people working with children may need to undertake additional screening.

The Worker Screening Check is an assessment of whether a person who works, or seeks to work, with people with disability poses a risk to them. It will determine whether a person is cleared or excluded from working in certain roles with people with disability.

You may need to apply for a Worker Screening Check and obtain an NDIS Worker Screening clearance if you work for a registered NDIS provider in a risk assessed role and:

  • your acceptable check is no longer valid (for example, it has expired) in the state or territory where you provide NDIS supports and services, or
  • you do not hold an acceptable check or an NDIS Worker Screening clearance.

A risk assessed role is one that:

  • involves the direct delivery of specified services and supports to people with disability; or
  • is likely to have more than incidental contact with people with disability as a normal part of your duties. This includes physical contact; face-to-face contact; oral, written and electronic communication with people with disability in various circumstances; or
  • isa key personnel role– for example, if you hold an executive, senior management or decision-making position of a registered NDIS provider including as a member of the board. The full definition of key personnel is in section 11A of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013.